Renovations and Additions

By BroBuild

You’re expanding your family, and a comfy nursery is the perfect place for your newborn. You and your spouse have retired, and it’s time to turn the kids’ bedrooms into a gym, home office, hobby room, or library. Whether you’re building a new room onto your house or repurposing an empty space for something different, BroBuild helps you achieve your addition or renovation dream.


The team at BroBuild can renovate any room in the house. Want extra storage space in your bedroom? Check. How about an open floor plan by knocking out a non-load-bearing wall? Check. Does your home need repairs? BroBuild handles those, too. We bring the same artisan spirit and expertise to our renovation projects as we do for custom homes.


Additions must blend seamlessly with the rest of your home, both on the inside and the outside. Our experts have been in the home remodeling business for more than 25 years. We’ll work with the original home design, solve any challenges, and finish your project to your exact specifications.

Decks & Porches

Adding a deck or porch to your home is more than just working on the outside. We’ll help create a smooth transition from your door to your new deck or porch. Our team also considers your sense of style, color, materials, and purpose for your outdoor space. Want a deck for hosting outdoor barbecues? Or just a place for the two of you to admire your gorgeous garden? BroBuild can do those.


You’re already interested in a renovation or addition to your home. Why not contact BroBuild for a free quote? Click below to start the conversation.