Committed to Excellence

At BroBuild we take pride in our work. We respect our client’s and their property. We believe honest and integrity are critical in every aspect of our business. Our legacy has spanned three generations of builders and we’ve built a reputation as honest, dependable, and trustworthy. You’ll never hear an argument, foul word, or obscene remark from our team. Our reputation is worth far more than any other asset.

We love creating beautiful custom craftsmanship and meeting your unique design challenges.


Company History

Our legacy spans over three generations of Walsh builders: Grandpa was an architect, Dad has been in the trades since 1976, so it’s not surprising we’re continuing the family legacy and applying our hard-earned building skills. We’ve always been passionate about honing our craft and pursuing allusive perfection.

Ben Walsh started his apprenticeship in 1996 working in the family remodeling business. After devoting the next decade to learning the trade, completing college, and a few other endeavors, he worked full-time for the family business until he met his wife Mary a native of Mansfield Missouri in 2012. He launched Brother Builders the following year and started more actively growing the business in 2017.

Ben’s brother Caleb joined the team full-time in 2018 and has been a huge asset with his enthusiasm and skill. “Caleb and I have always worked together like a well-oiled machine,” says Ben. “If he wasn’t 11-years younger we could be twins. We can finish each other’s sentences which makes for a lot of fun working together.”

Since that time our team and company continues to grow and we look forward to seeing what the coming years have in store.


We love pursuing perfection in every aspect of our company.

Our Process

Design & Ideas

We enjoy the process of discovering your project requirements and creating a design that meets your budget and unique building challenges.


Our team is expert in all aspects of construction from design to completion. We carefully inspect and manage each aspect of the building process to ensure quality craftsmanship.

Quality Guarantee

We believe a job should be done right the first time, but sometimes certain situations arise where a product or installation needs warranty service or adjustment. We stand behind our work and gladly resolve issues to your satisfaction.


We’d love to hear about your project ideas on how we can serve you.


Monday – Friday

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